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Terms and Conditions

All Terms and Conditions stated agreed upon by both the customer and Classical Pearls Jewelry ( Any and all activities and transactions with and on the website of Classical Pearls Jewelry ( is subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below.

1) Products
The products offered are described and shown in the most accurate manner possible. Due to natural differences of the pearls, products may differ very slightly but still maintain the same quality and caliber as shown in Classical Pearls Jewelry.

2) Email Communication
Email addresses will be a mode of communication between Classical Pearls Jewelry ( and the customer. It is understood by the customer that notices of promotions and discounts that may arise in the future may be sent out to the customerís email addresses.

3) Responsibility
The responsibility of Classical Pearls Jewelry ( is to provide the customer with quality Pearl Jewelry. This responsibility does not extend to any negligent acts and omissions and failure to deliver of any and all third parties involved including shipping handlers and couriers.
Neither is Classical Pearls Jewelry ( responsible for any and all local taxes that this purchase may ensue. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of said duties and taxes and cover costs that may ensue from them.

4) Return Policy
It is understood that the customer is given one year from the date of purchase to return the product in good condition if the customer is not completely satisfied with the purchase.

5) Guarantee
Classical Pearls Jewelry ( will cover the difference in cost of any identical product purchased from other sites at a lower price. We maintain a guarantee that the products that are purchased at Classical Pearls Jewelry ( are of the highest quality and of the lowest prices.

6) Revisions of Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions governing Classical Pearls Jewelry ( may be changed revised and altered at any given time without notice to the customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep updated and visit Classical Pearls Jewelry ( for any changes in the future.